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This is one of the most sought-after cues in the U.S.  Zen cues are seldom imported to this country, but the few that are here are nearly always block-busters.  This one, the Floral Mosaic, is an early Zen cue, showing clearly that he has always been ahead of his time.

This is a difficult cue to describe in words, but I'll do my best.  But the best way to understand it is to look at the pictures.  Lots of inlay, lots of silver, and lots of ebony.  I started to count the number of inlays a couple of times, but I kept losing track somewhere around a hundred.

I recently purchased this cue from a collector who never played with it.  When I got it, the shafts both had a wobble, so Paul Drexler at Pfd Studios agreed to make new shafts using the original  ring work from the two old shafts.  So, best of both worlds - new shafts, original ringwork.  All original ... kind of.  The butt is in excellent shape and looks like new.

Basically this is an ebony cue, and the ebony is beautiful.  But more simply, it serves as the canvas for this ornate design.

I'm not sure what woods are used in all the floral inlay work, but I'm making an educated guess they are purpleheart, maple and ebony. 

And of course, silver.  Lots of silver.  And it's not just flat, polished silver.  It looks like a hammered silver, but I believe it was just produced that way.  You can't see the marks in it in all the pictures, but if you look closely you can see it in a number of them.

The silver vine running up both sides of the forearm of the cue is made from, the same silver, and is an elegant, flowing design that is the eyecatching feature you first see when looking at the cue.  But the delicate floral work throughout the rest of the stick is incredible.

He keeps the wrap simple - a tightly pressed black linen with a shiny finish.  The white joint and butt cap are LBM, not ivory.  There is no ivory in this cue.

As I said, I can't find the words to adquately describe this cue.  I just hope the pictures can show its incredible work.

All the inlay work in this design is so ornate and delicate, and so intricately interlaced, that it's incredible.

It's built with a blue anodized aluminum 3/8X10 bolt in a flat-faced joint.  It comes with two brand new premium 13mm premium maple shafts made by Paul Drexler with LBM ferrules and layered tips.  It weighs 19.7 ounces (16.1, 3.6, 3.6), and is 58-1/2 inches long (butt is 28'1/2, shafts are 30).