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2x4 CASE

Yang is one of the best case makers in the world, hands down.  There is no doubt that the quality of his materials, the artistry of his painting and the quality of his carving puts him in a class of his own.  This case is an example of just how good his work is.

This case tells the "Legend of Dragon Gate", a legendary Chinese story about Koi fish swimming up a powerful river, only to find themselves pitted against a tremendous waterfall.  Many of the Koi tried to go up the waterfall to reach the top, but again and again were thrown back into the river below.  A few persisted, for many years, and never gave up.  They were eventually rewarded and when they reached the top, became the most formidable creature in the world - Koi Dragons.

The back of the case is carved with Chinese characters that tell the story of Dragon Gate and the Koi Dragons.

The front of the case depicts the story - the raging water, the beautiful Koi fish, and his transition into Koi Dragon.

This is easily the most colorful of all the cases I have.  The painting is bright and exquisitely done, and the colors are bright and robust.

Everything about this case reeks of class.  The painting and carving is as good as it gets, and the quality of the leather is superb.

It comes with a towel ring, and attached to it is a small hand-carved chalk holder.  It is double-stitched in bright blue thread throughout its construction.

The top is hinged and flips back and out of the way for access to the cues inside.  (This one is fitted with carbon fiber tubes to hold two butts and four shafts.  It is the first one Yang did with carbon fiber.  Of course, they are covered with felt to protect the cues.)

On top of the case Yang again carves Chinese characters which are a poem he wrote about the Legend of Dragon Gate story.
On the back near the bottom, he signs it in a small red circle.

     From the Koi fish ...

   ... comes the Koi Dragon.

The bottom of the case is beautifully constructed with a wrap of silver, along with four silver "feet" so that it stands securely.

It is made with a side handle, top handle, shoulder strap and beautiful carved and painted shoulder pad.

Something I've never seen before, the lid is hinged on the back, but done in a way that the entire top can be removed if desired - perhaps if you were playing out of it and using it to stand your full cues in for longer periods of time.