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Here's a fancy 4X8 that has just about every "extra" you can order from Whitten cases.  Just look at the great features from Whitten, many of which are "add-ons"   ...
* Black smooth leather body
* White smooth leather trim
* White/gray ringtail lizard highlights
* Side handle trim patch of ringtail lizard
* Both 7" and 15" side pockets with trim
* Three Whitten logos
* Optional top handle
* Black eel on interior of lid
* Adjustable side strap
* Rough "suede" no-slip pad
* Whitten logo on top and side
* Optional towel ring
* Optional jump butt compartment

Both small and large side pockets, with smooth white leather trim and inlaid ringtail lizard diamonds.  The large pocket opens from both sides with a separate jump butt compartment.

This is not a heavy case, in spite of its large capacity.  It's one of Whitten's "Lite" models, and weighs only 5 lbs and 9 ounces.

A nice Whitten add-on - a towel ring.

It has the add-on top handle, as well as the Whitten name imbedded on the lid.

Top and bottom of the case have the extra inlaid trim band, and the bottom has the multiple silver buttons which allow the case to stand up effortlessly on most surfaces.

The underside of the lid is done in an extra fancy way, covered in black eel and with yet another embedded Whitten logo.

Includes an adjustable side strap with my favorite non-slip shoulder pad of rough suede - the most comfortable on the market.

If you go to Whitten site and price this cue out with all the features, it adds up to about $1500.  If you want this one, you can get it today, without a wait of several months, for $1425 plus shipping. This is a new case, unused.