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I probably don't need to say it, but just in case you're new to custom cases, Joe Whitten makes one of the finest cases in the world - earning the well-known quip, "the Ferrari of cases."    Stylish, classy and functional, he uses the finest leathers coupled with superior, meticulous workmanship.

This one, configured for two butts and four shafts, is made from a beautiful cabernet colored gator print, with smooth black leather trim.  And, it is "fully loaded."  It has two exterior pockets - one long, one short - a saddled side handle, shoulder strap and shoulder pad. 

There's nothing classier than a Whitten case fully decked out.  His use of the very best leathers in gorgeous combinations of color are a big part of why his cases always look so good.  His fine leather trim work, in this case in black, finish off his cases and give them the sleek, stylish look for which his cases are known.

I've always loved the way he mounts his side handles with a "saddle" type patch.  It gives the case a more finished look.

He has two pockets on this case.  A small one at the top (6-3/4 inches) and a larger one on the lower part (14-1/2 inches).  Each pocket is slickly trimmed in black.

Both the top and the bottom of the case is wrapped in fine black leather, a hallmark of his designs, and what really contributes to their overall classy look.

This has his standard 2X4 configuration.  He includes plugs that can be inserted to make each case fit butts and shafts of various lengths.  Also included is a wood stick specially designed to put them in and take them out.  Ideally you can cut them to exact size, so that when the top is zipped down there is just enough pressure to hold the cue tight and avoid it rattling around.

He finishes the bottom of his cases with metal knobs (upholstery tacks?) that protect the case over time.  (Please note there are a few very small "dents" in the leather bottom from storage.)

This is actually an older case, but in "new" condition.  I found it in a private collection and it has never been used.  The original packing is still in the pockets and the plugs are still inside in their original packing.