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Dave Whitsell is a cuemaker from California who's been around for quite awhile.  He isn't known much outside of California and the neighboring area, and just recently announced he was selling his shop and I assume, retiring.   However, he's made some nice cues, mostly player level sticks and nothing too fancy that I've seen.  Here's a nice example.

This is a simple six point cue, with a maple nose, ebony points and butt sleeve and just a few inlays to dress it up.  It's simple, but pretty.  And, it hits a ton. Solid, yet soft, and very well balanced.

After hitting a few balls with this stick, I'm sorry I didn't get more cues from this cuemaker when he was still building them.  I'm told the shafts are built from Lakewood (the wood that has been underwater for years, extracted and dried in ovens), so maybe that's part of the great hit.  I was tempted to keep this one for a road cue.  It's an older cue but was held in a private collection and doesn't appear to have seen much play.

I'm impressed by how long and sharp these points are.  They come slowly and gradually into a pinpoint tip Excellent work!  Very nice veneers in white, black, white, black.

He inlays a few simple diamond shaped pieces of abalone in the butt sleeve.  They give the cue an extra touch of class.

The butt sleeve is of sheer black ebony, with a phenolic black butt cap unobtrusively built in to protect it from wear.

He puts on a nice black nylon wrap.  It's well-pressed, looks good and feels very good in the hand.

At the joint, he uses a solid silver ring, similar to what you might see on a Richard Black cue.  He uses it on the ring collars of the shafts, as well.  It comes with a set of unusual joint protectors made of the old pearlized material they used to use in ringwork in many of the old cues.  I'm not sure if they're original, because the two white ones for the shafts aren't exactly alike.

It's built with a steel Unilock joint.  If you're not familar with these, it saves a lot of screwing time - two or three turns and it snugs up.  It weighs 18.7 ounces.  It's well balanced and really plays well.
It comes with two 13mm shafts with long LBM ferrules (it's almost 59 inches total), and what look to be LePro tips.  They are both in excellent condition, not perfect, but for an older cue, very acceptable.

This is a great deal on a custom cue that has potential for collectibility, and plays great.  It's not new, but in great shape.

Price:  $750 plus shipping