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Roger Assunco at Volturi always carves beautiful cue cases, but he occasionally hits one a little farther out of the park than usual.  This case is a good example.  It is FULLY carved, hardly leaving any leather untouched by his artistic knife.  This one is called "The Flowers" and is one of the fanciest (if not THE fanciest) cases I've seen him make.

The amount of work in this case is really incredible.  Volturi always has a lot of work in their cases for the money, and that's also the case with this one.  I can't imagine how many hours of hand work went into its production.

I ordered this one in his most popular configuration - three butts and six shafts - and the fit is excellent.  His interior makes the cue easy to access and provides excellent protection.

It has two large pockets, one 7 inches and the other 15 inches.  Both pockets are fully engraved. 

The back is completely hand carved and covered with the beautiful yellow flowers.

Even the side handle and the strap pad are carved, as well as the sides of the case as it wraps around to the front.

And of course, the top is fully carved as well.

The top opens to the side, and it is strongly and durably hinged to last a long, long time.

The side handle as well is strongly stitched and reinforced for a long life.

This is honestly one of the most beautiful cases I've ever seen.

It has a nice strong top handle, and the bottom has the traditional rubber Volturi "horseshoe" on the bottom to help it stand on its own, and protect the bottom of the case, which always gets the most wear.

The "Volturi" logo is tastefully engraved into the pattern on the back.

This is simply a gorgeous, yet practical case.  It will wear well over time and made to use, in spite of being beautiful.
PRICE:  $1250 plus shipping