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Here is another great case by Roger Assunco at Volturi.  This one has a beautiful tan "crocodile" print body, with dark brown leather trim and pockets.  As usual, the attention to detail is outstanding, the quality is top notch, and the design and carving is beautiful.

It is outfitted with two straps and the hardware is mounted so that it can be carried single shoulder using one strap or backpack style, using both.

He calls this style the "Yapium."  I'm not sure exactly why - I've searched Google for the translation, and can't find it.  Regardless, this is one of his strongest designs and each one is very similar in design and carving pattern, but all are different colors and leathers.

Above is a picture of the back of the case with the straps removed.  I wanted to be able to show how beautiful the carving on the back really is.

All of the Yapiums have the two pockets, one seven inches long and the other seventeen inches long.  The lower pocket is large enough for most jump butts.  The carving on the pockets is exquisite, and matches the larger pattern on the back.

As always, his handles are strong and durable, of high quality leather, and double stitched.

Here's a closeup of the carving, just to show the excellent quality of the work.  In the relief, he uses a faux "Stingray" pattern for effect in the background, but uses real Stingray on the centerpiece of each pattern.

On the tops, he uses the same fine carving design.  All his tops have a great fit and a top handle.  All his hardware is brass.

His interiors are excellent.  They hold the cues snugly, but not too tight.  The material is durable and yet soft.  This one is configured for three butts and six shafts.  On the bottom he uses a double "horseshoe" of rubber to protect the case from wear - the bottom of cases always get the most wear.  The added benefit is that the case will stand on its own on a hard floor, or when leaned against something, won't easily slide on a slick floor, 


(Note:  This Yapium is a little more expensive than the others I have because of the real Stingray used in it.)