Recollection Cues

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Here is another beautiful case from Volturi.  He calls this style the "Stratta."  It's another one made primarily from water buffalo hide, this time dyed a mellow tan color.  He's using a lot of this leather recently - it's silky and smooth, yet very durable.

It is trimmed in glossy, dark brown fine leather with a lot of hand tooling.  This one's configured in 3X6, easily holding three butts and six shafts snugly, without having to jam them in.  The interiors of these cases are very nice and provide great protection for your cues.

The back, pockets and lid are all trimmed in brown, generously hand carved with beautiful designs.

There are two pockets, one seven inches long and the other seventeen inches.   The top one is zippered on two sides, making for convenient access, and the bottom one (the long one) is zippered on one side for access and on the other for a separate jump butt compartment.  He uses nice, easy to grab, zipper pulls.

The quality of the carving in these cases is outstanding.  The designs are elegant and intricate.

This color combination of tan water buffalo leather with the dark brown trim is a really elegant look.

The lids fit nicely, hinged on one sige with brass hardware, and clasping closed on the other with a brass twist clip.

The long pocket is also zippered on the back side and gives access to a special lined pouch which holds a standard sized jump butt.

Here's a quick picture of the interior of these cases, as well as the bottom, showing the hard rubber protective bottom.

The bottoms of these cases, like all Volturis, is fitted with a piece of hard rubber which protects the case at it's most vulnerable point, and also allows the case to stand on its own.