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Here is another gorgeous case from Roger Assunco at Volturi.  It's a 3X6 configuration, with a body covered by a golden brown water buffalo hide, and black smooth leather trim on the pockets, top, back and strap.

The back is fully carved, as is the top and the pockets.  The quality of the hand carving on these cases is top notch, as well as the overall design of each one-of-a-kind case.

It has two large pockets, one seven inches long and the other seventeen inches long.   They're both zippered on two sides for easy access.  The long pocket has a second zipper on the back with a separate compartment for a jump butt.  He uses nice easy to grab leather zipper tabs that are quick to access.

The "inserts" that are inset into the fronts of the pockets are made from stingray hide.

It comes with dual backstraps that attach to brass rings centered in the back.  This allows for easy carry using one strap, or attach both and it can be carried "back pack" style.

The top is hinged one side and fastens on the other with a brass twist clasp.  The hand carving adds a special touch to the already attractive top.

Everything is top quality on these cases - the stitching is, and in some cases, double-stitching, is first rate.

In addition to the nice top handle, it has a comfortable side handle for easy carry.

The bottom is capped with two horseshoe shaped pieces of hard rubber to protect the case and allow it to always stand up firmly on its own.

I particularly like the fit of these cases.  They comfortably hold three butts and six shafts without being overly snug, while still holding everything secure.
This is a gorgeous, well-made case that will last many years, and always draw many compliments.