Recollection Cues

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Roger Assunco's work just gets better and better.  He continues to turn out gorgeous cases as if it was easy.  And now and then, he makes one that even eclipses his others.  This is one of those.

This one relies on a gorgeous piece of red hornback alligator.  And this unique design frames the prettiest part of the hide perfectly.  He centers the spine section, featuring the largest bumps, dead center on the front of the case, showcasing this beautiful leather the way it deserves.

By building it with just one extra long accessory pocket, he allows plenty of space at the top to show off this beautiful piece of leather.

The "horns", or the large natural bumps on the hide, are the largest I've ever seen.  I can't imagine how big this gator was.

As with all Volturis, the carving is first class.  A close look at this carving show the quality and artistry are at the top of the trade.  He does a faux black and white stingray pattern in the relief portion.

Quality-wise, everything is top notch on all the Volturis.  Everything is well-stitched, double-stitched in many cases, and the handles are always dtrong and durable.

These cases are built to last.  On the bottom he puts his rubber double horseshoe.  They keep the bottom of the case from wearing down, and also allow it stand up straight on a firm floor, and not slide when leaning against something. 

The interiors are very nice - snug and great cue protection.  This one, of course, configured for two butts and four shafts.