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Here is a beautiful case from Volturi in a unique 3X6 configuration.  It has a body of gorgeous tobacco colored body, with glossy black pockets and trim.  There is lots of hand tooling, and pretty inlaid diamonds and spearheads on the front of the pockets.

The back, lid, strap, shoulder pad, and pockets are all hand-tooled.

I love the inlaid diamonds and spearheads, with the inlaid material of something that looks like eel, but to be honest, I don't know what it is ... I just know it's stunning.

The bottom is nicely booted to withstand the wear and tear the bottom of any case receives during use.  The Volturi name is also imprinted there.

It has a nice, comfortable shoulder pad that is also fully tooled.

The lid flips on and off from the side, and he uses a double latch mechanism to ensure it stays on securely.

The strap, handles and pockets all have light colored stitching that adds another highlight to this gorgeous case.

The long pocket has a separate jump butt compartment.  The storage compartments are zippered so that they can both open on two sides.

The interior of this case is well-padded and has dividers for three butts and six shafts.  The material is significantly better than the material Volturi was using a few years ago, and should hold up well over time.

This is a beautiful case that is made by one of the industry's top case-makers that will give the user many happy years of use.