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Here are some gorgeous cases by Roger Assunco at Volturi Cases.  They are all 3X6s with ample room for three butts and six shafts without having to force them in, yet snug enough for good security.   His cases are very well constructed, with high quality leather and good fit from top to bottom.

As the pictures show, these are beautiful cases, the bodies constructed from water buffalo hide, with black leather tops, straps and trim, and  leather backs with hand carving and beautiful white highlights, each in a color complementing the color of the water buffalo body.

They have inset diamonds on the pockets, the top (front and back) and on the back panel, all with an embossed white stingray pattern, and they're stunning.

They have great design on the backs, with lots of white diamonds, spears, bars and fleur d'lis, as well as some hand tooling.  Inside, they're long enough for long cues or cues with extra long joint protectors (31-3/4" interior).

They all have nice, heavy, well-constructed and comfortable side handles, and each of the pockets is zippered on two sides for easy access.  The top pockets are 7" long (big enough for a case with glasses) and the bottom ones are 16-1/2" (big enough for almost any jump butt, plus a lot more.)

The tops also have a nice heavy handle for facilitating ease of carry and use.  And the lids are sized just right for a snug fit.

These cases are well-constructed, and built to high standards.  The straps are strong with a nice, padded shoulder strap.  These are all made with two straps, giving you the option of using just one for over the shoulder, or two for "back pack" carry.   For extra convenience, all of these have both the side handle and a top handle.

This water buffalo leather is really nice.  It looks great, and is very nice to the touch - feels like silk!  Still, it will wear well and hold up over time.

The top straps are constructed well - strong heavy leather with a brass turn-style latch.  And just in case it ever fails, he includes a replacement.

The bottom, which is the part of every case that takes the heaviest wear, is solidly constructed with two heavy rubber "horse shoes" attached.  Not only do they protect the bottom of the case, they also help to keep it from sliding when you're resting it on a slick floor.  And, of course, the Volturi logo is imprinted on the bottom.   All the water buffalo cases have this same bottom.

They also all have the same nice interior - a padded 3X6 configuration that protects your cues and holds them safely.


Here are the water buffalo cases now available.

Gray water buffalo body
with black leather back and trim.


Blue water buffalo body
with dark blue leather back and trim.

Tan water buffalo body
with corduvan back and trim.

Maroon water buffalo
with black leather back and trim.