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Here is another gorgeous Volturi case by Roger Assunco in Indonesia.  This one is "fully carved", meaning there is carving on every available section of the case.  And "carved" means carved ... actually carved leather by hand, not embossed or tooled.

This is a full sized 3X6, comfortably holding three butts and six shafts snugly, without being so tight you have to force them in and out.  It has two large pockets, with a nice fitting top, side handle and shoulder strap.  And as you can see, the back is fully carved with a mystical design of a mythical tiger and dragon doing battle.

The pockets are fully carved and inlaid with stingray diamonds as a highlight.  The large lower pocket is a full 16-1/2 inches, big enough for almost any jump butt, along with lots of other accessories.  Just look at the quality of the carving on these pockets!

The smaller upper pocket is 7 inches long, and big enough to hold a pair of glasses in a case.  Both pockets are zippered on two sides for easy access.

The side handle is unobtrusive, nicely constructed and comfortable.

The top, fully carved, fits snugly and flips off to the side.  Nice brass hardware finishes the fit.  The brass turning latch works effectively, and a spare is included with the case in the event you ever need it.

This is a gorgeous case, from top to bottom.

It is made with a sturdy shoulder strap with a comfortable pad.  And the pad itself is carved, as well.

The bottom of any case is what normally wears out first with regular use.  I have had to throw away other cases that looked great overall, but ended up with a crushed bottom after a number of years of hard use.  To counter this, Volturi adds on a hard rubber bottom that withstands abuse, and also keeps the case from sliding on slick floors.

The inside is nicely padded and constructed.  It is sized perfectly for holding three full cues.  It is also long enough inside to hold longer cues and cues with oversized joint protectors.  It is 31-3/4 inches long inside.

PRICE:  $1295 plus shipping.