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There is no doubt Roger Assunco at Volturi Cases is making some of the most elegant and impressive cue cases in the world.  They are made in Indonesia and are popular world-wide.  They are particularly sought-after in China and Japan, and here in the U.S., we have been a little late to the game in appreciating the beauty and quality of his work.  This case is one of his more show-stopping creations. 

This is a 3X6 in beautifully finished and colored Hornback Crocodile hide.  It is dyed in gray with black highlights.  It is stunning!

This is a beautiful hide.  It finishes well, very slick and shiny, and it takes dye beautifully.  But the outstanding feature is the hide itself, and its large "horns, which are huge. 

This hide is thick and heavy.  That means it weighs a lot.  It is one of the most dazzling cases you will ever see, but probably not ideal for carrying around a tournament all weekend.  If that's your purpose, you should select something else.  However, if you're looking for a world-class case to store or show off a few special cues, or one you won't be carrying for a significant amount of time, this is one that will impress everyone who sees it.  And you'll never get tired of looking at it yourself.

Roger at Volturi told me he thought the croc this hide came from must have been 13 feet long!

As usual, the front of the case is built with two accessory pockets - one 8-1/2 inches and the other 15 inches.  The long one is zippered on both sides, and it is lined internally to hold a jump butt or extension separately on one side.  The front of each pocket is fully hand-carved, with a nice diamond of stingray leather placed in the middle.

It is built with a sturdy side handle, shoulder strap and pad, and a top handle for an extra carry option.

This is a luscious, luxurious cue case, and certainly one of a kind.  I ordered it special in gray, and it turned out beautiful.  It has the great Volturi interior with the quality built into all his cases.