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Here is another magnificent case by Volturi - a 3X6 with a solid brown crocodile body with hand carved natural pockets and top, with shiny brown leather trim and stingray leather inlays.  Classy and gorgeous!

I love the way this case is designed, allowing the beautiful crocodile leather to be the star of the show and show uninterrupted on the back.  The seam is on the front, and is almost entirely hidden by the large pockets and top.

The top is completely hand-carved, allowing the natural color of the leather to show, and outlined by shiny brown leather trim.  The top fits perfectly, hinged on one side so that it falls out of the way when the case is in use, and is attached back into place by a brass twist clasp.

Brass hardware is used throughout, giving the case one more touch of distinction.

The carving on these cases is just outstanding, both in quality and quantity.  Countless hours of work has gone into this case, and it shows.  It contains two pockets on the front, one 17 inches and the other 7 inches.  Each is fully carved, and zippered on two sides for easy access.  The 17 inch pocket is large enough to house almost any jump butt.

I like the zipper tassles on these cases.  They are large enough to easily grab, and you don't find yourself fighting to get hold a those elusive little grabs on some cases.

It has a side handle as well as the top handle, and a nice leather shoulder strap with a comfortable pad of matching brown crocodile leather.

The shoulder strap is adjustable to various lengths.

Take a good look at the incredible detail in this carving!

The strong top handle will gets lots of use on any case.  And because of the "horse shoe" type rubber bottom, this case stands easily on its own.

Configured in 3X6, comfortably holding three butts and six shafts, I love the interior of these cases.  Everything is separated by a soft, padded fabric, securely holding it all without having to cram it in. 

If you're looking for a solid, well-built case that is both classy and beautiful, this is it.  It will not only gives your cues ultimate protection, but is a gorgeous piece of art all on its own.