Recollection Cues

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Here is a 3X6 by Volturi made from a new leather - Spanish Bull.  This popular hide has become probably the most popular leather wrap for cues over the last few years, but this is the first time I've seen it used in a case ... with interesting results.

It is a heavily textured leather, in this case dyed to a nice honey brown color.  The ridges seem to take the dye darker, creating a very pretty effect.

It is built with two front accessory pockets - one 8-1/2 inches and one 15 inches.  The long one is zippered on both sides and lined inside to hole a jump butt or extension separately.  The fronts of the pockets are hand-carved, with a diamond of stingray leather centered in each.

I like the way he did a black trim band around the bottom to match the other black trim on the case.  And as usual, he builds it with his black "horse shoes" to protect the bottom, and also to make it non-slip when leaning, and help it stand on its own when needed.

His tops always hinge on the side, with a secure thumb-twist latch, and when open hand nicely out of the way.

He adds a side handle and a top handle for easy carry options.  This one is fitted with two shoulder straps for easy "back pack" carry, or can be used with only one strap for traditional carry.