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Here's another great new case from Roger Assunco at Volturi.  This one is a 2X4, smaller and lighter than his popular 3X6s.  While a lot of people prefer the 3X6s, many people still feel a 2X4 is sufficient for their needs. 

This style is called the Terilium, which refers primarily to the carving on the front and back.  The body of the case is gorgeous reddish-brown, with the pockets and trim being in black.  As with all Volturis, it is all leather and all carving is done by hand.

The back is fully carved and is downright beautiful.  It comes with a full shoulder strap and pad (not shown) which connects to the two D-rings on the back.

It comes with two attached pockets, one 7 inches and one 15 inches, big enough for almost all jump butts.  The lower pocket is separated into two sections by interior lining, and is accessed by zippers on both sides.

This closeup gives a good look at the embossed reddish-brown leather on the body, contrasted by the black leather pockets and trim.

Even the top on this one is fancy.  Here's another look at it.

The handle strongly stitched and glued into the case for ultimate durability.

As with most Volturis, the bottom is built with a rubber double horseshoe to keep the case from sliding on slick floors and to protect the bottom of the case - the portion that usually wears out first on a case.

The large diamonds are inlaid with genuine sting ray leather.

The top is hinged on the side, with a thumb toggle catch on the other side.

The Volturi logo is imprinted into the bottom of the case, as well as on the back near the top.

Volturis are among the best cases being made, from a quality standpoint.  And it's easy to make the argument that for the money, they are the best buy available.  No other case includes so much work and attention in this price range.  This is a lot of value for the money.