Recollection Cues

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Here's another "home run" hit by Roger at Volturi.  It's another Spanish bull leather case, dyed brown, but the texture of this hide has ridges in it that took the dye in a vary unique way, as you can see.

The back panel is fully-carved adding another whole dimension to this dazzling 3X6 case, superbly built to Volturi high standards.

It comes with two shoulder straps for back back carry, or you can use only one for traditional one shoulder carry.  I've taken the pictures without the straps attached so that you can see the fully-carved back panel.  It has two carry handles - one on top and one on the side.

It has two accessory pockets on the front, one 7 inches, the other 15 inches.  The large one is lined separately to hold a jump butt or extension, and is zippered on both sides. Each pocket is inlaid with a diamond of stingray leather.

As with all Voluris, it is made with his snug-fitting, padded interior that holds the cues snugly and securely for ultimate protection.

As with all his 3X6 designs, he adds his rubber "horse shoes" on the bottom to protect the most vulnerable part of the case against unnecessary wear.  The also help to keep the case from sliding when on a hard floor and leaning against a table or wall, and also allow it stand up on its own, unattended.

The top is hinged on the side so that it falls out of the way when open and allows free access to the interior.  It is secured on the other side with a thumb latch.

These Volturis are some of the best leather cases being made in the world.  They have high quality leathers, exquisite hand-carving, and great designs.  And they are an excellent value.