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Here's another nice case from Volturi.  It's a 3X6 - the most popular size today - and it comfortably holds three butts and six shafts, keeping them snug without having to fight getting them in and out.

Like all Volturis today, it's well constructed with high quality leather, nice tight fits and good overall design.  This one is made from a medium brown ostrich print leather, with some nice hand carving on the back panel.

Here's an unobstructed view of the back panel, without the straps.  Very nice hand carving - a natural leather foreground laid against a black background of pebbled stingray.

Viewed from the side, you can see the size of these large pockets, facilitating the storage of all the accessories pool players seem to need these days.

Two straps accompany this case for easy "back pack" style carry, but if preferred, you can detach one and just use the other for over the shoulder.  You have options for just an easy trip to the pool room, or those long days of travel or walking around the tournament floor in Las Vegas.

On the front of each pocket is a nice black inlaid diamond of black stingray, using the spine cut with the pretty white pebbles.

These are nice large pockets.  The top one is seven inches long, and the bottom is 16-1/2 inches.  The bottom is big enough to hold almost any jump butt, along with lots of other essentialaccessories.  The top is big enough to hold a case for glasses ... important for guys with old eyes like me.

On the back, he adds a towel ring at the top of the straps.

The quality of the carving is outstanding, and laying this light brown panel against the stingray background looks great.

The stingray diamonds provide beautiful highlights to this case.

He protects the bottom with a piece of hard textured rubber that will add life to the case.  This is the part of a case that gets the hardest wear and is usually the part that wears out first.  That won't be the situation with this one.  (The rubber also allows you to lean the case against a table or the wall on a tile or concrete floort without it sliding and crashing.)

All the metal trim is brass and dresses everything up.  The interior is nicely lined and padded to provide ideal protection for your cues.  It is also long enough inside (31-3/4") to accommodate longer cues, or cues with long joint protectors.