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Here is an absolutely gorgeous 3X6 case by Volturi, built from beautiful brown genuine hornback crocodile hide.  It has all the great features of Vulturi cases, is well-built, and very, very pretty.

Like all Volturis, it has a well-made interior that provides ultimate cue protection and easy access.  It has a shoulder strap and pad, with side and top handles.

In spite of all the great features inherent in this case, the highlight is the leather.  The hornback croc is phenomenol - the color is a soft, mellow brown and the "horns" protrude significantly, giving it a rich and elegant look.

It is built with two pockets on the front, one large 15", and a second, smaller one at 7".  Each is hand-carved on the front, and each has a highlight of inlaid stingray leather in a long stylized diamond.

The handle and shoulder strap are made from the same beautiful hornback croc.

The top is fully carved, hinged on the side.

As with most of his cases, the bottom is fitted with a rubber piece to keep it from skidding on slick floors and to protect it from wear.

It is opened and closed by use of a thumb latch on the side.  Below is a good picture showing the quality of this superb hide.

The stitching on this case is as good as it gets.

This case makes most cases pale in comparison.  High quality, well-designed and a leather hide that is so elegant it takes your breath away.