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Here is another unbelievably gorgeous hornback crocodile case from Roger Assunco at Volturi.  This one is in black, and the hide is really something else.

Like all Volturis made today, everything about this case is well thought through, meticulously built and beautifully executed.  But this one is even more exceptional, partly due to one of the most gorgeous leather hides I've seen.  It is hornback crocodile dyed black, and a rare one, with "horns" protruding so exquisitely that is really one of a kind.

The top is made of both fine smooth leather, fully carved, and more croc on the top. 

It has two front pockets, with the back allowing use of a full piece of the beautiful hornback.  One is a large pocket (15 inches) and the other smaller (7 inches).  They have inserts of stingray embedded in their fronts, in the shape of large, stylized diamonds.

There is a spearhead of stingray on the cap as well.

It has a nice top handle and side handle, built from the same crocodile.

Along with the black leather shoulder strap, it has a matching croc shoulder pad.

Like most Vulturis made today, it is fitted with his double "horse shoes" of durable rubber, to protect the bottom from wear, and to allow it to stand on its own, as well as keep it from sliding on a slick floor when leaned against something.

This hornback croc is really something special.

This case really outshines most of the competition.  If you're looking for something elegant, but not "in your face", and will still subtlely get lots of attention, this case is for you. 
It has the excellent Volturi interior to protect and hold your cues, comfortably fitting three butts and six shafts. 
PRICE:  $1600 plus shipping