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Here's a very pretty cue from Eddie Cohen in ebony and rich amboyna burl.  The burl has really nice figure in it, and it showcases well with the deep black ebony.  A very rich, classy cue.

The burl is all used in the three-part segmented handle.  So if you're a wrapless cue fan, this is a great option for you.

This is a pre-owned cue.  However, it is in mint condition, and if it has been played at all, you can't tell.  It was made in 2018.

The burl is a rich, dark honey color, exquisitely figured with deep, almost "3D" grain.  It's like you can see down into the wood.

Eddie uses one of his best ring patterns in this one.  It's a very striking design and he uses it plentifully throughout the cue.  Six times, actually.  I love this pattern.  (I know that Eddie charges about $300 per ring on custom builds, so that means there's about $1800 in rings alone in this stick.)

The ebony is black and clean, and Eddie engraves his "Cohen" logo in the butt sleeve.

As always with Eddie's sticks, this one hits great.  I test-hit a few balls with it and was impressed with the soft, yet firm hit his cues always seem to have.  It's well-balanced and just feels like it's made for business.

There are a lot of "extras" with this cue, including a Cohen custom made eight inch extension and three shafts, including a Predator 314 with matching rings.  (Predator shaft not shown in pictures.)

Here are a few more shots of the beautiful wood in this cue.

There's a back story to this cue.   It belonged to a good friend, Vince Evola, who passed away this past year.  I'm helping his widow to sell it, and not trying to make any money on it.  It originally didn't come with matching joint protectors, but after buying it (from me) he had Eddie make a matching set with his name on the butt cap.  Then Vince put it proudly away in his safe and never used it.

I'm including the full custom set, as well as a generic set of black phenolic caps, for the new owner.  It would be fairly easy to have another cue maker or cap maker (online) to redo the custom cap and remove the name, or perhaps just take the name off.  I think Eddie would charge at least $400-450 for this set of caps with the fancy rings on all three, so they're worth doing something with and add value to the cue.

It also comes with an extension kit built into the butt, so you can add a generic extension.

He makes it with a black phenolic joint, to match the butt cap.

It's built with a 3/8X10 modified steel pin in a flat faced joint.  It comes with THREE 13mm Cohen shafts with LBM ferrules and Triangle tips.  It weighs 19.3 ounces and is 58 inches long.  (Shaft #1 is 3.6oz 13mm, Shaft #2 is 3.6 oz 12.75mm, Shaft #3 is a Predator 314 3.6 oz, all custom with matching rings.  Tomahawk ferrules and Precision Medium tips.)

This is a great hitting cue by a top cue maker whose work is very much in demand.  I normally can't keep any in stock, as I sell them as fast as I get them.