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Here's another beautiful stick by Eddie Cohen, one of the top cuemakers today.  This one starts out simple - a six point design with a solid butt sleeve - but he quickly makes it special using gorgeous woods and adding beautiful copper ring work.

The Goncalvo Alves is nicely figured and has a pretty honey color.  The nose is of dark East Indian Rosewood.  The rest of the cue he treats with all black components - butt cap, joint, and joint collars.

These rings are really special.  I won't try to describe the design, other than to say they're all copper and very classy.

The Goncalvo Alves points are long, sharp and even.  And they contrast perfectly with the dark rosewood nose, with the help of the single natural maple colored veneers.

As with all of Eddie's cues, the work is meticulous and tight, and the finish is excellent.

He wraps it with a dark brown, deeply textured leather wrap that looks perfect on this stick.  It is a great color match for the woods.

And, I don't want to fail to mention, this cue hits like all Cohens ... great!  It is well-balanced and has a medium soft, stiff hit that crushes the ball.

He's generous with his use of the copper rings, using them at the butt cap, above and below the wrap, at the joint, on the shaft ring collars and on the custom joint protectors.
As usual, he engraves his name/logo on the butt cap.

He builds it with his usual 3/8X10 pin in a flat faced joint, this time in copper - a nice touch. 

This set of joint caps was made by Eddie, and they not only really add to the look and presentation of the cue, they add a bit of value.  I think Eddie would charge about $350 to make this set with the copper rings.

It comes with two of his premium maple shafts with Tomahawk ferrules and Triangle medium tips.  It weighs 19.2 ounces, and is 58 inches long.

This stick is new, unchalked and unplayed.  It's a good opportunity to buy a hard to find cue from a top tier cue maker without a long wait.