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Here is a beautiful Bubinga cue made by one of the best cue makers out there - Chris Nitti from Orlando.  It has an extra third shaft (which has been lightly played) and shafts #1 and #2 which are still unchalked.  The butt is like new.

This cue came from a private collection, and at the most, had a few hours play on one shaft. The original buyer requested a third shaft to be made so he could keep the other two new.  It's as close to mint as you can get.  It was built in 2020.

The bubinga in this stick is about as nice as any I've seen.  It's highly figured and has great color.

He uses a nice ring design at all usual locations, and in the butt sleeve inlays some nice bubinga windows framed with black and white veneers.  They look striking in this cue.

The wood is gorgeous ...

I love the way he used the black and white veneers and rings to complement the color of the bubinga.  It's a beautiful stick.

The butt cap is made from the same bubinga.

He uses the same ring pattern at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts, and on the joint protectors.

He adds a nicely textured black leather wrap.  It feels excellent, and looks great.

This ring pattern is more complex than you pick up at first glance, especially in pictures.  The center of each ring is made up of squares and rectangles of bubinga forming a circle around the cue.

It is fitted with a Nitti extension receiver, with a rubber bumper.  If you don't need it, you'll never know its there.  If you want to use an extension, you can buy one from Chris Nitti or from me for $200.  I usually have them ion 6 inches and eight inches.

It's made with Chris' usual joint configuration - flat-faced with a stainless steel radial pin.  He never varies from his construction techniques, resulting in a consistently good hit for all his cues.
It is also fitted with an extension receiver, if you want to use an extension on it.

It comes with three shafts, and custom joint protectors for the butt and two of the shafts.  It weighs 19.1 ounces and is 58 inches long.  the shafts are all 13mm, made from premium maple, with elforyn ferrules and two medium Wizard tips, and one with a medium Zan.