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Here is a very traditional six point cue by Jerry McWorter - who makes very few "traditional" designs.  This, in fact, is the simplest design he makes, but what a beautiful cue!

This one is six points - three long and three short - of golden amboyna burl into a classic ebony nose, a single white veneer and a butt sleeve of more of the beautiful burl.

Here's a chance to get one of these hard to get cues at a great price.  This one came from a private collection and is in mint condition.  One shaft has been slightly played, and the other is unchalked.  Although it's nearly new, I have it priced as a "used" cue.

One of the features of this design that I really like is the wide, white ring above and below the wrap.  They really set off the overall look of the cue and add a lot to it.

This golden amboyna burl is beautiful.  The color is gorgeous - a bright honey tone with lots of burl and figure.

The burl in the points is as pretty as it is in the butt sleeve, and the rich, Gabon ebony is deep black.  The single white veneer frames each point perfectly.

Jerry does wraps as well or better than anyone in the business.  They look virtually seamless, and the thickness is always perfect.  At the top and bottom, he does his signature embossed ring in the leather.

His points are always long, even and sharp.  His workmanship and lack of tolerance for any error makes his cues rank with the best. 

Jerry always engraves his name in the butt cap of his cues, along with the serial number of the cue for identification.

In almost all of his cues, he uses a very tight double silver ring at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.  He builds them all with a 3/8X10 modified stainless steel modified pin in a flat-faced joint.

It comes with two of Jerry's special low deflection maple shafts, with elforyn ferrules.  The butt weighs 15.15 ounces, Shaft #1 weighs 4.15 ounces and has a Zan medium tip, Shaft #2 weighs 4.0 ounces and has a Kamui medium tip.  It is 58 inches long.

It also comes with an after-market set of custom made joint protectors, adding about $300 to the value.

If you've never played with a McWorter, here's your chance at a bargain price.  His cues are some of the best hitting cues on the market with perfect balance, a great feel and hit, and beautiful to boot.  Personally, I think Jerry will someday be a Hall of Fame cuemaker. 

This cue normally sells for about $2650 new, and with the add-on joint protectors, retail would be about $2950.