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Here is an old style cue with a little extra flair from Josh Treadway.  This one takes some extra study to appreciate - subtle features that make it special.  At first glance it's an ebony and maple cue with notched diamond inlays.  But a closer look reveals a lot more.

Just a quick list of the special features of this cue ...
    ♣   inlays in the butt sleeve alone
    ♣   bridged points
    ♣   real pure silver throughout - not nickel silver
    ♣   fancy rings with (again) real silver
    ♣   Titleist-colored veneers, all separated with
             black paper for added distinction
    ♣   perfectly mitered boxes

The work in this cue is exceptional.  Just take a look at the bridged points and the mitered corners.  They are tight and clean - meticulous work.  You don't see bridged points a lot because they are difficult and time-consuming to build, and most cuemakers either can't or don't want to tackle them.

When Josh decided to put notched diamonds in this cue, he definitely committed himself to the task.  He put in no less than 24 complete diamonds and too many dots to even count, both in and around the perfectly mitered and veneered boxes and in the points.  There is lots and lots of work in this cue.

Take a good look at these veneers.  First, they are long and sharp and perfectly aligned. Second, they have very traditional "Titleist" colors.  Finally, look at them closely - each veneer is separated from the next by black construction paper.  This is a technique cuemakers have developed in recent years in order to separate them in a distinctive way.

He uses a fairly traditional check ring made of pieces of elforyn and ebony, but makes them special by using rings of real silver rather than nickel silver.  The real silver always stands out.  It adds a little to the cost, but is well worth it.

He adds a nicely textured black leather wrap that is expertly applied.  It's difficult to even find the seam.
As usual, he engraves his stylized "T" logo in the delrin butt cap.

Of course, the most important factor with any cue is how it plays.  Josh's cue seem to be very consistent across the board - they all hit good.  They have a soft, solid hit, good balance and just the right amount of flexibility to move the cue ball around the table when you need to.

He builds this one with a flat faced joint made of an elforyn sleeve over wood with a stainless steel radial pin.  It's a good combination he's used many times, and insures the good consistent hit we've come to expect from his cues.

It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium maple, with a modified Pro taper, Juma ferrules and double-pressed LePro tips.  It weighs 19.4 ounces.

I've seen a lot of Josh's finest cues, and the work in this one is exceptional.  It demonstrates just how far his work has progressed, and why he's one of the top selling cuemakers today.
PRICE:  $3850 plus shipping