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Here is another outstanding cue from the shop of Josh Treadway.  It is just another example of why his work is so widely sought and respected.  This one is a classic four point design, taken to a high level with all the extra work and inlay - lots of notched diamonds, dots and barbells.

There's nothing unusual about the design itself - it's a four point cue with a butt sleeve of ebony with ebony points going into a maple nose.  But that's where "ordinary" ends with this cue.  The inlay work is magnificent and plentiful, and makes it a very special stick.

I'm not going to spend much time trying to describe the inlay pattern in this sleeve.  It's just too complex, and the pictures do a good job of showing it.

The points are long and sharp, with very clean veneer work.  At the base of each point is another nice inlay pattern complementing the work in the butt sleeve.

For anyone who likes the traditional notched diamond and dots look, this cue might very well take you over the edge!

He adds a nice black textured leather wrap that is perfectly applied, looks great and feels good in the hand.

Just take a look at how clean the inlay work is in this stick.  And the separation provided by the color and form of the alternating barbells really pull this complex inlay pattern together.

In all the usual locations he adds a nice ring pattern of small white elforyn squares alternating with ebony rectangles, all sandwiched between nickel silver rings and, finally, ebony rings.

He builds this one with a flat-faced elforyn joint with his usual 3/8X10 stainless steel pin.  And also as usual, engraves his stylized "T" logo in the delrin butt cap.

This cue comes with two 13mm shafts of top quality maple with Juma ferrules and double pressed LePro tips.  It weighs 19.4 ounces.  There is a lot of work in this cue for the price ... and it's beautiful!