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Josh Treadway is known for his innovative designs and outstanding execution of traditional designs.  This cue is somewhat of a hybrid of those two approaches.  The design is classic and the engineering is state of the art.

This is a classic four point design, using a cocobolo butt sleeve with cocobolo points going into a pretty birdseye and curly maple nose.  What takes it into new territory is his use of a new compression joint he is building, and how this affects the hit of the stick.

The points are long, sharp and even, and each is outlined with colorful veneers of black, orange, maple and black.  Also, each point has an inlaid elforyn notched diamond at its base, highlighted with two white elforyn dots.

He adds a beautiful rich brown lizard print leather wrap that is expertly applied.  It feels good, and looks great on this cue.  The color is perfect.

The butt sleeve is of rich, full-colored cocobolo with four veneered boxes that match the veneer colors in the points.  In each box, and between the boxes, are notched diamonds and dots matching the ones in the points.

In all the usual locations he adds a classy ring pattern of elforyn squares and circles, sandwiched between two nickel silver rings and then ebony rings.

Everything about this cue smacks of sheer class.  The quality of the wood is outstanding and the work is meticulous and tight, as we've come to expect from Treadway cues.

One of the very positive considerations when judging a Treadway is the tight construction techniques and meticulous inlay work.  This cue is a good example.

As usual, he engraves his logo in the butt cap of the cue, in this case a delrin cap. 

This is one of the few cues Josh has made with a compression joint.  I was impressed the first time I screwed the stick together and felt the shafts slowly but gradually tighten into place, snugging themselves down as they securely seat themselves.  I was even more impressed when I had the opportunity to hit with it.  This cue is as solid as they come.

As mentioned, this cue is a compression fitted joint, piloted, made with stainless steel and a 3/8X10 pin.  It is a super tight joint that insures a good solid hit every time.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium maple, with Juma ferrules and double pressed LePro tips.  It weighs 19.0 ounces.  This is an outstanding cue at this price.