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Pete Tonkin is making the "best of the best" when it comes to high-end cues.  He is consistently ranked in very top of all cuemakers, and his work is as beautiful and meticulous as his cues play.  Here is just one more example of why he has earned that reputation.  (The inlay work in the butt sleeve of this stick is so complex that I can't even begin to describe it.  I'm going to let the pics do the talking.)

This cue is a variation on his original design, the famous "Fascination" cue, which was first made for me a couple of years ago.  Since then he has made several of these cues in different woods and colors.  This one is different from others in that instead of the silver braided handle, I asked for it to be made with a black leather wrap.  I think it turned out great - it is truly an exquisite cue.

At its most basic, this is a four point cue with bridged points.  (Note the way each of the points is "bridged" at their base to the adjoining point, instead of just going down to the handle and ending there.)  However, there's certainly nothing basic about this stick.

The points start with a short ebony point, framed in long and large blue veneers.  The "shadow" points in between the four main points are made of white Supertusk.  At the base of each of the ebony points Pete inlays a silver and Supertusk "eye", topped with a series of Supertusk dots descending in size as they move up the cue.

He uses a very complicated ring pattern on this special stick.  Each ring begins with a ring of white Supertusk, sandwiched between two silver rings.  Then he inlays a series of silver diamonds all around the ring which give them a very elegant appearance.  Each of the larger diamonds are inlaid pieces of ebony, wrapped in silver, with a smaller Supertusk diamond inlaid into that.

The work, and design, in this cue is off the charts. Noone is working at a higher level than Pete.  The blue veneers, utilizing the bridged point design, seem to go round and round the cue in a continuous fashion almost as if they're one continuous piece.  It's an incredible design, and there are only a few cuemakers who could do it.

He uses a nice textured black natural leather wrap on it, and it looks great.

It's always difficult to describe Pete's complicated designs; they defy words.

He builds this one with a flat-faced juma joint with a 3/8X10 modified stainless steel pin.  It weighs 18.9 oz with one shaft and 19.0 with the other (one shaft weighs 3.7 and the other weighs 3.8).  It is 58 inches long.

It comes with a pretty set of matching joint protectors with matching ringwork.  This is a gorgeous cue that is a variation on the original "Fascination" design, and a cue that plays great. Pete's cues are in high demand, but here's an exceptional one you can buy today and get within a few days.