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Here is an exciting stick by Pete that was made some time ago that is a great example of his meticulous work and advanced designs.

It is an ebony and cocobolo cue with gorgeous veneer work and dazzling silver work, with added highlights of ivory.

This cue was made about ten years ago, and was my personal player for six or seven of those years.  I just had it refinished, and although the shafts still show some evidence of play, they are in excellent condition, and the butt is like new.

The nose of the cue is all ebony, with ebony points, and beautiful flame colored veneers.  In the base of each point is a split spearhead inlay of solid silver, framed in ivory that is only .010 inch thick.

In the cocobolo butt sleeve he inlays four ebony windows, framed in matching flame veneers.  Inside each window is a very unique large silver diamond, creatively split into six pieces.  And look close ... each piece of silver is again framed in ivory only .010" thick.  I remember when Pete built this cue he was the only cue maker using .010" cutters like this.

I love the veneer colors in this cue.  They are bright and brilliant, consisting of four layers - dark orange, bright orange, yellow and natural wood.  Overall, they create a delightful "flame" effect.

He builds a superb ring pattern for this one, and uses it lavishly throughout the cue - above the butt cap, below and above the handle, at the joint, on the shaft ring collars and on the butt joint protector.  Each ring is made of two silver rings, with alternating rectangles of ebony and squares of ivory.  And, each square and rectangle is completed framed in silver.  There is a lot of work in this cue!

This cue is pure elegance - a real show-stopper!

It is wrapped in black elephant ear leather.  A lot of silver in this cue as well.

An ivory joint, and more ivory on the butt cap.

It is also fitted for an extension, and comes with one custom built by Pete.  It is 10 inches long, with a white LBM ring at each end.  It is made out of cocobolo to match the wood in the cue.  (It screws on right through the rubber bumper.)

It has an ivory butt cap, engraved with his "T" Logo.

It is built with Pete's usual 3/8X10 modified steel pin, in a flat-faced joint.  This cue plays great!  It weighs 18.6 ounces with one shaft and 18,8 with the other (14.9,3.7. 3.9), and is 58 inches long.  It comes with two premium maple shafts, one 12.7mm, and one 12.8mm, both with matching ringwork and ivory ferrules.  A truly spectacular cue!