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Just about everybody who follows cues knows the name of Tascarella.  Pete has been building extremely high quality cues for a long time now, and has established a reputation (especially on the east coast) for fine cues that play well. This cue is not dated, but the original owner told me it was made approximately 15 years ago.

Tascarella is a very traditional cuemaker.  This cue is a good example of most of his work.  It's a basic four point design, with a rosewood butt sleeve and points, going into a maple nose.  (Disclaimer ... I believe this cue to be rosewood, but am not 100% sure.  My guess is either East Indian or Honduran.)

He is very much a tradionalist.  He uses classic designs with nice woods and just enough inlay work to dress them up a bit.  This one has pretty veneers, with propellor inlays in the butt sleeve windows.  The butt cap is of delrin - again, very traditional.  Nothing overly fancy - just an age-old classic design.

The veneers in this stick are very pretty.  He uses a red, yellow and natural maple color combination, and uses it both on the points and around the windows.

Nothing says "traditional" like propellor shaped inlays.  They are all ivory.  He work is excellent and his technique is strong.  And speaking of tradition, look at the wrap - Cortland green Irish linen wrap.  Difficult to find this material these days.

Tascarella does the corners in his window veneers the old-school way.  If you look closely, there are no mitered corners.  He "stacks" them. 

His work is tight and meticulous. It appears he uses a fine line of black epoxy around his inlays to make them stand out distinctly against the background.

     Very nice work.

As typical with a lot of his work, he uses a heavy solid silver ring at the joint, both on the butt and the shaft ring collars.   It looks good and highlights his stainless steel joint.

                          His points are sharp and even.

                    And, as usual, he signs the cue under the
                               finish between the points.

This cue comes with two 13 mm shafts of top quality maple with ivory ferrules.  The tips appear to be LePros.  The shafts weigh 4.4 and 3.8 ounces each.  The butt weighs 15.8 oz.  The total weight is 20.1 or 19.6 respectively.  It is built with a piloted stainless steel joint with a 5/16X14 pin. 

It is in mint condition.  I'm not the original owner, so I can't say it's new, but it's virtually perfect.  One shaft may have been slightly played or test hit, but it's hard to tell. 
This is a very nice, great playing and very collectible cue.  His cues draw attention wherever they go, and they always demand premium prices.  It comes with black joint protectors that I think he makes himself.