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Here's one for the purists.  You can't get much more traditional than a Tad, and you can't get any purer than a four-point Tad with a Hoppe-style butt.  No inlays, no four-axis work, not even a pantagraph machine at work here - points, veneers and simple ringwork is all it takes to make a classic Tad cue that looks vintage and plays like a dream.

This Tad is built with a pretty birdseye maple nose, ebony points, Titleise colored veneers, an ebony butt sleeve with a white (non-ivory I think) Hoppe-style ring, and a Cortland linen wrap.  As I said, it's about as traditional as a cue can get.

I think the white rings in the butt sleeve are of non-ivory material.  (However, the ferrules are definitely ivory.)  

The picture below shows how pretty the maple is in the forearm.

As with all Tads, the points are very sharp and even.

My favorite feature in this cue is the color in the veneers.  They are really brilliant and bright, and really make this cue something special.

As traditional as this stick is, there is something really unique about it.  You seldom see a Tad with a flat-faced joint.  They are almost all made with piloted stainless steel joints.  This one is rare.  (When I got it, I wondered how this might affect the hit.  I've owned quite a few Tads, and even played with one for a couple of years, so I know how they usually hit.  When I test hit this one, I was surprised how much I liked the hit.)

As usual, he puts his "Tad" logo on the butt cap.

Since Cortland linen is no longer made, it's unusual to see it on cues today.  But it's a classy look and as it wears and takes on its own "patina" it looks even better.

This is a great looking cue - clean lines, traditional and well made.  It's been around awhile, and the shafts show signs of very light play.  There are no dings, dents or scratches and I'd put the condition as excellent, maybe 95%.  It the shafts didn't show just a touch of bluing, I would have guessed it as unplayed.
It comes with two shafts, both measuring 12.4mm just below the ferrules.  It weighs 19.2 ounces with either shaft.  
PRICE:  $2500 Plus Shipping