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This cue was custom made to my specifications by in 1981.  It is a basic Szamboti design with four ebony points lined with blue, red, white and green veneers going into a birds eye maple nose.  The butt sleeve is solid ebony with a white delrin butt cap.  It has a piloted stainless steel joint accentuated with nickel rings.  Both shafts are original to the cue and have ivory ferrules.  The cue was reconditioned in 2003 by Jim Buss.

This stick is a prime example of the ever-inflating value of good cues, and a great argument for investing in this market.  The story on this particular cue also makes a good anecdote.  I originally paid Gus $385.00 for this cue, but foolishly sold it to buy a Tim Scruggs cue that was more attractive to me at the time.  I still have the Scruggs cue, and it gave me many good years of play, but it didn't grow in value like the Szamboti. 

Fortunately, I kept track of the Szamboti through the years, and although it had two more owners along the way, it never left my home town.  More than twenty years later I had the chance to repurchase the cue, but at a greatly increased price.

I have to especially thank Terry Huelsman, owner of "The Break" in Cahokia, Illinois, for selling this cue back to me and allowing it to come back home. 

I have this rare cue appropriately matched with a beautiful vintage Fellini case in a chocolate-brown elephant hide leather.