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For some of you who have been around pool and billiards for awhile, you may remember the "Stretch" bridge and extension system.  I think these were manufactured, for the most part, back in the 70s and 80s, and were fairly popular.  Why their production ceased, I don't know, but I suspect it had to do with their sheer size.  They simply weren't built for the average player to carry around with his cue and case (although I saw a few people do it).

However, they were always popular with the home billiard enthusiast.  For someone who wants the absolute best bridge, and best extension system ever made, and doesn't have to worry about its lack of mobility, the Stretch is for you.

This system is made from high quality tubular aluminum, and is engineered to perfection.  If you like gadgets, and you're into pool, this is one of the best.
The Stretch is especially ideal for use on an extra big table, like a 12 foot snooker table.  It allows you to reach any shot - the bridge is very functional, stretches for the longest shot, and the extender holds your cue and allows you to reach and stroke the ball in places you'd never imagine.

I could have taken more detailed pictures of this device, but astoundingly, this one is still in its original package and has never been opened.  I think the person who buys this will remember having seen them in the past, and already be familiar with it.  While very functional, it is certainly a novelty, and finding one new like this is really rare.

This is an excellent old vintage piece of billiard equipment, almost an antique, but still very useful and functional.  Finding one brand new like this, in its original packaging, it a rare occurence.  If you want a piece of billiard memorabilia that you can use all the time, here something you can enjoy and have a lot of fun with.