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I continue to be impressed with the work of Jon Spitz.  This cue is just one example of why.  He calls this the "Shark Tooth" cue, obviously because of the large ivory inlays above and below the wrap, roughly in the shape of shark's teeth.  Regardless of what he calls it, it's a beautiful cue.

As always, the work in this Spitz cue is meticulous and exceptionally tight and clean.  As you can see, he continues to make his mark with exceptional silver work, which adds great highlights to this cue.  All the silver is fine silver, and there are about 100 individual pieces in it. 

He started this cue with a basic four point design, using one of his full splice blanks.  He utilized an ebony nose with ebony points, and an ebony butt sleeve.  To brighten it up, he uses a nice red, olive, and red veneer combination.  It's an unusual color combo, but it really works.

In the butt sleeve, he uses four large windows of resin impregnated, stabilized and dyed reddish heavy curl maple.  The effect is stunning.  This cue really jumps out and grabs your attention.
Everything white in this cue is ivory with the exception of the butt cap.

If you look closely at the ivory "shark teeth" you can see that he used a piece of creamy layered ivory in an attempt to resemble real teeth.  It's a nice effect.

To complete the details of this fine cue, Jon added an ivory joint made in a flat faced configuration with his standard 3/8 X 10 stainless steel modified pin.  I test hit a few balls with it, and it plays great.  This joint combination matched with his full splice construction really makes a good playing cue.

He adds a nicely textured black leather wrap which feels and looks good.  He then added ivory ferrules with medium G2 Japan tips (Dennis Orcullo's favorites). 

This stick comes with two 13mm shafts, both of which are from Jon's select stock of wood.  His shafts are always very nice.  It weighs 19.4 ounces.
This stick is a great value at $3250.