Recollection Cues

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Here is a classy cue from Jon that makes the most of one of the most basic cue designs.  It's a four point ebony cue with afzelia burl points.  The long burl points are outlined with maple veneers, and they contrast well against the sheer ebony nose.  The burl is nicely figured and shows beautiful grain.

The butt sleeve is primarily more afzelia burl, with a short ebony sleeve just above the elforyn butt cap.  The afzelia burl sleeve is framed with two very pretty deco rings of square maple blocks between two maple rings - again, all framed in ebony.  These rings are repeated above the wrap, at the joint, and on the ring collars of the shafts.

One of the things I like best about this stick is the wrap.  It's an old-style smooth leather wrap that you seldom see these days.  This smooth leather is difficult to find these days, and cuemakers tend to shy away from it because it's difficult to hide the seam.  Jon does an excellent job, and you barely notice the seam.  But the feel of this smooth leather in your hand makes it all worthwhile.  In my opinion, there is no other wrap that feels this good.

This is a very classy looking cue.  I love the way the butt sleeve is constructed.  It has a slightly "Southwest" look to it, although I have seen few Southwests that I like as much as this stick.

The butt cap and the joint are both made of elforyn.  The material Jon is using is made with ivory-like grain, and it has a very nice look.  He engraves his traditional sideways "S" in the cap to indicate it's a cue of his making.

He adds a pretty, unique set of matching joint protectors.  I'm glad I have good pics to show you, because I wouldn't know how to describe the design, other than to say it's a very inventive design.

He builds this with a 3/8X10 stainless steel pin in a flat-faced, wood-to-wood configuration.  Jon's cues always play really well, with a sold hit.

This cue comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules.  It weighs 19.5 ounces, but because of its superb balance it feels lighter when playing.  This is a well-made, good-looking cue made by a good cuemaker, and very fairly priced.  There is more work in this cue than first meets the eye.