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Recollection Cues is proud to present a very unusual Steve Klein creation.  He calls it a "Sunburst" design, as the design starts in the middle and radiates outward.

The basic design is achieved by starting with eight ebony points - four up and four down - and then overlapping themwith mitered boxes.  It is all pulled together with veneer lines ending in copper dots.  It is further enhanced with copper leaf petals and ivory buds.

(I apologize for these pictures not being better.  For some reason this was a very difficult cue to photograph, and I'm afraid these pictures don't do the cue justice.  I'm going to try some different lighting, but in the meantime, I hope these give you a good idea of the beauty of this stick.)

This is truly a remarkable cue.  It is not only beautiful, but  a vast departure from most of the more traditional cues Steve builds.  It was the first cue in which he used copper as a design element, and was his entry in the American Cuemakers Association Super Billiards Expo "People's Choice Exhibit" and competition in 2014. 

This cue was a long time in development.  The spalted alder was purchased in 1999.  It was resin stabilized in 2009.  The basic blank was glued up in 2010 and construction commenced in 2012.

For anyone who knows Steve's work, they know this is a wide departure from the kind of design he usually builds.  Based on this result, I think he should do a lot more of this kind of thing!

The spalded alder in the front and back of the cue is beyond description ... I'll just settle by saying it's gorgeous.  And the ebony in the handle portion provides the perfect contrast.

I test hit a few balls with this stick, and it is a great player.  And, I guarantee you that it will get more than just a little attention wherever you use it.

As if this cue wasn't pretty enough on its own, Steve built some special custom joint protectors made from the same spalded alder as the cue, with engraved ivory cap inlays.  They add the perfect final touch.

It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium maple, both tipped with a beautiful ivory ferrule and a medium Moori tip with pad.  The joint is made with a piloted 5/16 X 14 steel pin, with a .837 diameter.  It weighs 19.7 ounces.  
PRICE:  $3500