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Presented here is a vintage 2002 cue from Bill Schick in birdseye maple and ebony, with an ivory joint and inlays, still in "new" condition - unplayed and unchalked.

This cue is a rare find.  Schick cues don't often show up on the secondary market.  The lucky people who have one seldom let it go.  He only makes a few cues a year, and they are extremely hard to obtain.

The wonderful thing about this stick is that it is not only rare and in new condition after so many years, but that it is such a beautiful design.  I personally think this is one of the prettiest Schicks I've seen in this price range.

I love this barbell and oval design.  It all comes together so beautifully.  It's simple, yet elegant.  But don't underestimate its simplicity.  It's rare to see ovals this long in any cue.  They are very difficult to make and to do well.  But this is one of the reasons Bill has long been a Hall of Fame cuemaker.

He uses one simple design throughout the cue, but does it with perfect harmony and delicate execution.  The long ebony barbells are sleek and tipped with dots of ivory, and the long, beautifully executed ovals are each highlighted with a delicate ivory notched diamond.

He basically repeats the same design in the butt as in the nose, with just slight variation.

The ring pattern in this stick can be described the same way I would describe the rest of the cue - simple, but complex.  It is all in maple and ebony, with a central simple check ring, surrounded by additional concentric circular rings.  He repeats these rings at all locations - above the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.

He finishes it with a black linen wrap with white specks.  It's an excellent choice and completes the cue perfectly.

The ebony in this cue is strikingly black, and the birdseye maple is nicely figured.

As you would expect from a Bill Schick creation, the work in this cue is tight, clean and meticulous.  This is one of the advantages of getting a stick from a cuemaker who doesn't rush things and only makes a very few cues each year.

It is built with a solid ivory joint with a stainless steel 3/8X10 pin, tipped in ivory with a small stylized "S", something Bill typically does with his higher end cues.

It has a black phenolic butt cap with the Schick name engraved, along with the date the cue was made.

It comes with custom joint protectors made by Bill.  The one on the cap is another trademark design, with a hole at the top, exposing the ivory tip on the pin with his logo.

This stick comes with two 13mm shafts that are clean and unplayed.  They have ivory ferrules with layered tips.  It weighs 18.8 ounces with either shaft.  This cue will make a superb playing cue for someone, or could be a real asset to any collection.