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Here's a beautiful old classic design very typical of ACA Hall of Fame cue maker, the late Bill Schick of Louisiana.  He was perhaps more well-known than any other cue maker for his use of hour-glass and reverse hour-glass designs, as shown in this stick.

This is a six-point cue - three long, three short - made of sheer black Gabon ebony, gray-stained curly maple, with lots of ivory inlay.  It came out of a collection, and although it's more than 25 years old, it still appears to be in unplayed condition.

Each point has an inlaid spearhead of ivory, and each one ends with a dot of ivory framed with a silver circle.

The ebony butt sleeve is heavily inlaid with large pieces of ivory in hour glass and plaque shaped pieces, and the hour glass pieces have more inlay within them of more ebony.  It's a very classy design, and the kind of thing for which Bill was known.

The curly maple really took this gray stain well, and it results in a stunning black, gray and white cue.

The work is meticulous, and all the inlays are sharp and clean.

He uses a classic double silver ring pattern, with alternating rectangles of ebony and ivory between them.  He then repeats the rings at all locations.

He etches his name in the butt cap of the cue, along with the number "10/97."  I know the 97 means the cue was made in 1997, and I think the 10 means October, but it could be his 10th cue built that year.  I'm sure there are some Schick experts out there who can clarify.

A truly dazzling cue, by any standard.

He finishes it with a nicely textured black pigskin wrap.

He built it with a black delrin butt cap for wear and durability, and a solid ivory joint, with a 3/8X10 steel pin, tipped in ivory with a small "S" on the end.  He added the tip of ivory on most of his high-end sticks.

It comes with two very well-aged 13mm maple shafts with ivory ferrules.  It weighs 20.2 oz with either shaft (16.4, 3.8., 3.8) and has a weight bolt in it.  It is 58-1/4 inches long.  It is in excellent condition, and doesn't appear to have been played.  Bill didn't make a whole lot of cues, and this is one that is difficult to find, especially in this condition.