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Here is a rare cue from Bill Schick just out of a private collection, made in 1999 and still unplayed and unchalked.  It is very special - all ebony, with lots of silver and ivory inlays. 

Schick, a long time member of the Cuemakers Hall of Fame, has never made a large number of cues, and over the last ten years or so, even fewer.  And very few come back on the secondary market.  This one can be considered among his "creme de la creme" ... the best of the best.  It is rare indeed.  Aside from some of his famous scrimshawed cues, this is perhaps the finest I've seen.

Instead of traditional veneered boxes, it is built with a combination of long silver and ivory bars.  It's difficult to describe this, but I know the pictures do a better job than I can in words.

Each block of inlays can be best described as long ivory blocks with concave sides, like an hour-glass, tied together with stylized spears of silver.  It is a striking inlay pattern, and gets maximum impact against the pure black canvas of the ebony background.

To add even more pizazz to this striking cue, he adds a fancy ring design that is a Schick favorite - a thin silver ring with ivory dots alternating with clusters of dots of silver and ivory.  He puts these rings at all locations - above the butt cap, below and above the handle, at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.

It has a solid ivory butt cap and joint.  As usual, he engraves his name and the date the cue was made in the butt cap.

He builds it with a solid ivory joint (not a sleeve) with a 3/8X10 custom pin with a small piece of ivory affixed to the tip.  On that small piece of ivory is the famous "S" logo.

It takes a close examination to really appreciate how tight and precise Bill's work is.  The inlays are meticulously applied with very strict tolerances, making them even more striking against the black ebony.

He finishes this stick with a glossy black wrap, making it even more sleek and deadly looking.  I believe it is lizard but can't be sure.  It could be a very nice piece of leather with a lizard print, but it has just enough imperfection in the pattern to make me think it may be lizard.  Either way, it's the perfect addition to this cue and it looks great.

As usual, Bill doesn't let a cue of this magnitude out of his shop without a unique set of joint protectors.  These are unlike any I've seen before - rounded with a series of silver and ivory dots going around them, echoing the ring pattern in the cue.  The one for the butt has an opening in it so that when it is on you can still see the tip of ivory on the pin and the "S" logo.

This is a rare opportunity to obtain one of Schick's finest cues.  Finding any of his older cues in unplayed "new" condition is unusual.  This one comes with two 13 mm shafts with (of course) ivory ferrules.  One is dead straight, and the other has a slight (age) wobble - not enough to affect play.  It weighs 19.5 ounces with either shaft.  This cue will likely be bought by a collector and become a "safe baby", but after test-hitting it for soundness, I can't help but believe some proud owner will want to play with it.