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If you know anything about Hall of Famer Bill Schick, you know he has built fewer cues than most top cuemakers.  That is especially true in the last 10-15 years, when his production has been very slow.  However, that's good for the collectors and players who own them.  Here is a rare opportunity to buy one in "new"condition - unchalked and unplayed.

This is an absolutely gorgeous Schick creation, built from high quality Gabon ebony and curly maple with lots of ivory inlay work and silver highlights.

Bill is an "old school" cue builder, typically using traditional designs, proven construction techniques and pantagraph inlay work.  This cue is a great example - an old school design taken to a sophisticated level with a great look and meticulous work.

Bill's cues have become highly collectible, while at the same time sporting a reputation as very playable cues used at the highest levels of competition.  Many top players have played with his cues through the years.

One of the great things about Bill's cues is that almost every one is a "one of one."  He was never a guy who turned out dozens of cues year after year.  For the most part, and especially over the last twenty years or so, he sat quietly in the shop in the back of his pool room building a small quantity of very high quality sticks, each built individually according to his mood at the time.

This one - though fairly fancy - is a very traditional design.  It's a four point cue starting with a very pretty curly maple nose, sporting four long points of ebony, outlined with four veneers - black, orange, green and natural maple.  The points are sharp and even, and the veneers are expertly built.  The butt sleeve is ebony, with a full contingent of ivory and silver inlays in various geometric forms - ivory spears, diamonds and dots, all built around four maple windows.

As always, his work is clean and tight and meticulously done. 

He uses the same inlay pattern in the base of each point as he does in the butt sleeve - all in ivory and silver.

Bill's construction techniques and his tight tolerances have always yielded great playing cues.  They are stiff, but not too stiff, and always have a nice firm, crisp hit.

Pretty birdseye maple and tasteful veneers go a long way to making this a very classy cue.

He used a gorgeous piece of black elephant wrap on this cue.  It's pretty and feels great in the hand, and, is expertly applied.  It looks almost seamless - not an easy task with this kind of leather.

Just above the wrap he places a double silver ring with alternating squares of ebony and ivory.  It's a nice touch and adds one more classy feature to this "loaded up" cue.

As with most of his cues, he engraves his name in the butt cap.  I was told the butt cap on this cue was ivory, but by looking, I can't confirm that.  So, for the purpose of selling, I'm going to say it is not.  However, it may be - the color is right, but I just can't find any grain to confirm it, and there is no way to know for sure one way or another without taking the cue apart and looking at the cross-cut piece.

Another one of the many special things about this stick is the custom Schick-made joint protectors.  Bill was known for his work with ivory, by means of scrimshanding and sometimes carving.  In this case, he built a set of solid ivory joint protectors and turned them into unique shapes on the lathe.  A set of solid ivory JPs is a rare feature, and of course, something not being made today.

At the joint, he uses a classy ring pattern on the butt and on the ring collars of the shafts.  It's a double silver ring with alternating small and slightly larger dots of silver.

As usual, Bill built this cue with a 3/8X10 steel pin in a flat faced joint made of solid ivory. Also, as typical of a lot of his higher end work, he attaches a small bit of ivory at the end of the joint pin, engraved with a very small "S", for Shick.  He then builds the joint protector with an open end so that the ivory "S" shows through when it is attached.

The only flaw of any kind I can find with this cue isn't really with the cue, it's in one of the shaft joint protectors.  I'm not sure if it's a crack or just a black grain mark, but I want to point it out.  It is shown in the picture below on the left.  It's a small dark mark that is probably a grain line that has turned dark.  It's a minor thing, but I wanted to point it out.

Bill Schick has been a Hall of Fame cuemaker for many years, and although he hasn't produced a huge number of cues, his body of work is substantial and well-respected.  His sticks are very desirable to collectors and serious players alike.  Here is an unusual chance to get a rare one in "new" condition.

This one comes with two 13.4mm shafts of very nice maple with ivory ferrules, and weighs 19.2 ounces.