Recollection Cues

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I just happened to obtain a "new" Samsara bar cue in olive wood.  It's a pretty yellowish-brown wood with nice grain.  At one time I had 30 of these, and sold every one in a relatively short period of time.  Since then I a get regular requests for them, so here one is ...

The great thing about these cues is that they all played just like the higher end Samsaras - and that's saying something.  Samsaras play great.  They are constructed to the same high standards as all their cues, at a small fraction of the price.  I have more compliments on the playability of these cues than I could ever keep track of.  I had several good players buy one of these as a back-up or bar cue, and ended up buying an extra shaft and making it their everyday player.

They are built with a flat-faced joint with a stainless steel radial pin.  It comes with one shaft, an LBM ferrule and a Triangle tip.  It weighs 18.4 ounces.  

This one has a nice, textured black leather wrap.  At each end of the wrap Samsara adds a thin black and white ring, which is an attractive detail.  The butt cap is of black delron as is the joint collar.
PRICE:  $475 plus shipping