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Here is a truly collectible cue, made by Ray Shuler of Shuler Custom Cues, specifically as a gift for the legendary billiard player and author Bob Byrne.  Bob was a fixture for many years in billiards, winning most of the industry awards available for contributions to the game, and authoring many of the top books ever written about the game.  His reknowned book, Byrne's Standard Book of Pool & Billiards (1978), is considered by many to the bible of the game.

This stick has great historical value.  Not only is Bob's name handwritten by Shuler under the finish, between the points, but Ray Shuler then signed it himself on the butt, again, under the finish.

This cue was made as a three-cushion cue (short ferrules and conical taper), which would be appropriate since Bob was well-known as a Billiard champion.  He won several national titles as a player.  It has two shafts, and appears to have been played to some extent.  It looks to be maple and perhaps mahogany.

It's a simple six-point design without veneers.  It has a black phenolic butt cap, and a wonderful kid leather wrap in black that is still in very good shape.

I don't quite know how to precisely date this cue, but because of the joint configuration and the thickness of the butt (diameter), I would guess it was probably made in the 60s.  It was purchased in 1990 by Mark Griffin (owner of Griff's in Las Vegas), who had it for 30+ years.  Both the butt and the shafts are straight.

One of the shafts is not original, although it might have been made by Shuler at a different time.  The ring collar is a bit different (no brass ring) and it appears newer than the other.  This also makes me think this cue was probably played with considerably by Byrne. but that is speculation on my part.

All in all, this cue is a piece of billiard history - an old vintage Shuler cue in good shape, signed by Ray Shuler, made for a legendary figure, with his name on it, and played with by Byrne himself.  It's very collectible, and not the kind of cue one would buy to play with, but one that could add to any collection.