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Paul Drexler, inducted into the American Cuemakers Association Hall of Fame this year, has been making cues for many years.  I have known him since the early 1990s, and even then he was making cues superior to many other in the upper echalons of this industry.  He is one of the true artists in this business.  In recent years, he has made some of the most beautiful cues in the world. 

Paul has always seemed to like the combination of amboyna burl and silver.  And he knows how to make it look good.  This one is a wrapless cue with lots of burl, six points, and gorgeous, intricate silver work.

He builds the points with three long points of ebony, and three short points of pure white ivory-substitute, all naturally framed against the background of pure dark ebony.

The butt sleeve and the two piece handle are all constructed from the honey colored burl, and each piece is separated with a simple but elegant silver, ebony and white ring.

Above the butt cap he uses a ring pattern that is delicate, ornate, and hard to describe in words.  I'm not really going to even try - I'll let the pictures do the talking.

He uses the same fancy rings at the base of the forearm, and then uses the simpler rings at the joint.

The burl is drop-dead gorgeous, and the rings ... well, they speak for themselves.

These points are superb.  The "short" points, which are actually pretty long, perfectly complement the longer burl points with the white  LBM veneer.  And they all look great together against the ebony nose background.

The pictures below shows how all the meticulous work comes together at the base of the forearm.

And he boldly signs it in gold ink under the finish in the ebony near the base of the points.

As with all Paul's work, it is delicate and tight.  The points are long and thin, and everything is even and sharp.

Both the joint and the butt cap of this cue is built in ivory, and it comes with a very pretty matching set of joint protectors, all with the Pfd logo.

It is built with a flat-faced joint with a G-10 resin pin.  It comes with two shafts of Paul's high quality maple, with ivory ferrules.  Both measure 12.5 about four inches below the ferrules, and both have long pro tapers.  It weighs 18.7 (15.5, 13.2, 13.2) and is 58 inches long.  

I received this stick in a trade, and although it was in good shape, I wanted it perfect, so I sent it to Paul and he refinished the entire cue.  So, although pre-owned, it is in "new" condition.
This is a beautiful cue by one of the great master cuethiers.  His work is getting more and more difficult to find, as collectors are starting to hoard it - especially since he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.