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Here is the original Paul Drexler (Pfd) Road Runner cue.  He has made a couple of these, each a little different, but this is original, and the best.  It is built on the theme of the Road Runner and Coyote cartoon characters, and tells a brief story in three pictures, along with original artwork that accompanies the cue.

As the pictures will show, there is a ton of work in this cue.  It starts with a pretty ebony and maple full splice blank (made either by John Davis or Burton Spain ... I'm trying to find out), with veneers in classic Titleist colors.

This cue was made for the International Cue Collectors show, and was a big hit at the show.  The cue itself is incredible, but made even better by the accompaniment of original art of the inlay work.  It is displayed in a shadow box holding the three pieces, along with two cartoon figurines of the Road Runner and the Coyote.  It has been displayed in a private collection and is still unplayed, in "new" condition.

The inlay work is done with incredible accuracy and creativity, and done with a great variety of inlay materials, colors and intricate lettering.

The top cell in the artwork shows the Coyote using a bag of money as bait, and planning to blow it up with dynamite when the Road Runner tries to steal it.  "The trap is set!"

As you rotate the cue, you can see the whole picture as it wraps around the cue.

The second cell show the explosion, done in bright inlays of colored woods and ivory.  "BOOM!"

The third and bottom cell shows the Road Runner escaping with the cash, wise-cracking "He must be mad at his money!"

The design of the cue is finished off with some pretty double silver rings, an ivory butt cap engraved with the Pfd logo, and an ivory joint.

The inlay work is stunning, and very intricate.  The woods are dyed in various colors, wrapped insilver, and even the captioned words in the "bubbles" are inlaid using ivory.

It is built with a flat faced ivory joint with a stainless steel radial pin.  This cue is made for fun, and as such, he made it to be played with.  It's a great hitting cue ... not surprising, since Paul's cues are always great players.

It is built with a stainless steel radial pin in a solid ivory joint.  It comes with one 13mm shaft with an ivory ferrule.

Personally, I think the artwork that accompanies this cue, and the way it's displayed, add great value.  The artwork was done by Steve De Jong, who is obviously an artist in his own right.  But this cue is made to be played, as well as bring a smile to any observer's face.

It is 58 inches long and weighs 19.4 ounces.  The cue and accompanying shadowbox of original artwork and figurines, is priced at...

$4950 plus shipping.