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Paul Drexler is always creative, and his designs seem to be endless.  Here's another unique cue by him - a simple design, yet very unique, using inlays of a stone I had never heard of until I saw this cue ... white turquoise.

Paul has always been one of the real artists in this industry, but as the years have passed, his grasp of the technology has increased substantially, and today the combination of the two have led to the development of some sticks bordering on the unbelievable.  Not to mention any specific names, but his two recent "Dragon" cues made for clients are among the most gorgeous cues I've seen anywhere in the world.  Having said all that, it's nice to know that he still makes a few like this one, that are affordable for many of us.

Paul started this cue with an all ebony and maple Davis blank.  If you're not familiar with these, they were handmade by John Davis, now deceased, and are considered by most to be some of the best full-splice blanks being made today.  For the most part, he just built the blanks, and then sold them to other cuemakers to finish into complete cues.

It's difficult to describe the different kind of hit a player gets with a full-splice blank, but it is usually very different.  I believe they tend to hit a bit softer, very solid, and more like a one piece cue.  That may sound vague, but it's the best I can do.  Many people swear by their hit, other people don't think there's much difference.  But I believe they are a "quieter" cue, and definitely always play well.

This one is very cool.  In addition to the use of a very unusual stone as inlay material, the way he uses it is unique.  He cuts the stone into an unusual "spear-like" shape, and uses it around the butt and at the base of the points. 

The veneers are beautiful, as you expect with a Davis blank.  The colors are maple, gray, blue and purple, and they look great together.

At the base of the butt, Paul inlays a brass oval with the Pfd logo.

The points are sharp and even, and the veneer work meticulous.

The way Paul used his inlay pattern at the base of where the points come together is pure artistry.

An added bonus with this one is the superb quality of the birdseye maple in the nose. 

He builds it with a black phenolic joint, and adds two sets of thin double white rings.  He uses a stainless steel radial pin in a flat-faced configuration. 

It comes with two premium 13mm maple shafts with LBM ferrules and "Fire" layered pigskin tips from Tom Hay in Florida (same guy who provides Searing's Precision S tips).  It is 58 inches long, and weighs 19.0 ounces.   Here is an unusual, beautiful stick that will make someone an outstanding player cue.  (Paul is stopping new orders now, so his cues will become more difficult to get, and likely start gaining in value.)