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Paul Drexler, founder of Pfd Studios, has been making fine cues for at least three decades.  He is one of the elder statesmen of cuemaking, and especially in the last five to ten years has been making some of the most prestigious and spectacular cues in the world.  This is an older cue, but it has been in a private collection and has yet to be played.

This cue, aimed more toward the everyday player end of the market, is a fairly simple design of ebony and maple, with the addition of a very pretty butterfly pattern built into one side of the butt.  It is also a full splice cue, which typically plays a little different than most custom built cues - it will tend to hit very solid, but a little softer than a lot of sticks.  A lot of people try to compare their hit with that of a one piece cue.

The simple ebony points are each tipped with an ivory spearhead of ebony, inlaid with a slightly smaller spearhead of ivory, and at the base, where they join, he adds a simple ivory dot.

This little butterfly pattern built into one side of the butt is really elegant, and makes this a very eyecatching cue.

He builds it with an ivory joint which adds another touch of elegance.  In fact, everthing white in this stick is ivory.

I'm not sure what the reddish-brown wood in the butterfly is.  At first I thought it was purpleheart, but the more I look I believe it might be cocobolo, or possibly cedar.  Regardless, it's pretty, and Paul inlaid a round piece of ivory in it with his famous Pfd logo.

Another view of the points ...

... and of the butterfly veneers.

He adds a very nice matching set of joint protectors with matching rings, capped in ivory with the Pfd logo engraved.

A nice set of check rings at the joint, with small piece of maple and the same green veneer as in the butterfly.

If this cue has been played at all, I can't tell.  Even under a magnifying glass I really can't detect any signs of play.  Let's just say, it's virtually new.  Everything is straight and clean.  The butt weighs 15.6 oz, and each shaft weighs 3.6 oz, for a total weight of 19.2 ounces.  It is 58 inches long, and comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules.