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At the 2012 ICCS I couldn't help but think that several of the cues from the special "Gambler Cue" collection would appeal to my customers.  For whatever reason, I was drawn to the "Roulette" themed cues, and from these pictures, you can probably see why.  The work in all the cues in the Collection was superb, but the colors and detail in the Roulette cues really caught my eye.

The design of this Drexler cue from Pfd Studios is stunning.  Paul outdid himself. There is no doubt he is one of the more creative cuemakers, and this cue shows why.

The actual grip area of the cue is a rendition of the area of the betting table where you place your chips.  The nose of the cue - made of pure black ebony - is inlaid with long ivory points fashioned in the shape of the spindle at the center of every Roulette wheel. 

Looking more closely at the handle area, you can see that he started with a nice piece of amboyna burl, and then inlaid the numbers using ebony, ivory, and pink ivory wood.  I especially like the way he formed points at the top of the handle by the 0 and 00.  I think the angles he created there really add to the overall effect of the design.

In the butt sleeve, he adds thin silver bars to provide accent and to break up the solid ebony.  He doesn't spare any details on this cue.  He also adds triple silver rings above the butt cap, at the joint and on the shaft ring collars.

Just look at all the inlay in this cue.  Each number is individually inlaid.  I can't imagine the many hours and days of work this cue required.

Finally - in what I consider to be his coup de grâce in this cue, he meticulously designed and machined the ivory joint and butt cap into remarkable additions of detail.  Each one is carefully machined, and then inlaid with fine silver work to complete the effect.  It's incredible.

Finally, one last detail to close the case - the joint protectors.  Each one is topped with an actual working version of a miniature roulette wheel.  Very appropriate, since the French word "roulette" actually means "small wheel."

He built this one with a radial pin and flat-faced joint.  He added ivory ferrules, of course, with Kamui tips for ultimate playability if someone would want to play with this very special and collectible cue.