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Here is a cue from a good Midwestern cuemaker who's doing some excellent work these days.  This one was custom-made and bears a great similarity to an old design used on a rather famous cue played with by champion Jimmy Mataya many years ago.  It's all ebony and inlaid with lots and lots of ivory.  Because of the shark's tooth inlay pattern, and its deadly serious look, I've named it "The Great White." 

This is a great looking cue.  The ebony is black, black, black, and the slender white inlays are all pure ivory.  The long white shark's teeth inlays give the cue an all-business, sinister look. And as you've probably already noticed, the accompanying shaft is a black carbon fiber Revo, and when attached to this butt, it looks deadly.

The forearm has the shark tooth inlays radiating out from the wrap and then back down from the joint.  In the middle are long, slender ivory diamonds.  At the base of each shark's tooth is a small ivory diamond.

The butt sleeve has the same up and down shark's tooth pattern, without the long diamonds.  It's a perfect match for the forearm. 

The long, stylized diamonds in the middle of the forearm are elegant and classy.  There is a LOT of ivory in this stick.

To complete the long black elegant and rich look of this cue, he added a shiny black elephant ear wrap.  It looks super.

The quality of his work is extremely good.  The points and corners of his inlays are very sharp and distinct.

I love the design of this stick.  It's just a great overall look.

This cue is a bit of a trend-setter.  It was built without wood shafts, and designed specifically at the request of the original owner for a Revo shaft.  The one that came with it to me was a brand new, unplayed Revo in the 12.9mm option (Retail: $500).  When I got it, I couldn't keep from playing with it a little because I was so curious about how it would hit and play.  The combination of this cue with this shaft gives a phenomenal hit, and if you're a carbon fiber shaft player, this stick is a really good option for you.  And you can't believe how cool this stick looks with the predominantly black butt and the black shaft.

It is built with a G10 resin pin with a radial thread.  Even the pin is black!

He signs the cue on one of the inlays in the butt sleeve, under the finish.  (There is a small impact chip in the finish on the edge of the butt, which I have made sure you can see in this picture.)

This cue comes with the one Revo shaft and weighs 18.7 ounces.  It is 58 inches long.  I changed the original Revo tip to a Precision S medium.  (To me, the soft tips that Revos come with are way too soft and don't give enough "touch."  When you need to draw the ball just an inch or two with their tip, it's very difficult.  Personally, I couldn't control it.  I always overdrew the ball on soft, sensitive shots.)
This cue is not "new", but you wouldn't know it from looking at it.  You to search for signs of use.  It is a great playing cue, and is as lethal as it looks.