Recollection Cues

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Here is another beautiful cue from Bob Owen.  As usual, the wood is spectacular.  Bob is known for his exceptional woods, and this cue again shows why.  He does his own impregnated woods, and you can see why even other cuemakers buy his blanks to build their cues. 

This is a simple merry widow design, but dressed up to go out.  He starts with the spectacular double-dyed buckeye burl for the nose and butt sleeve, and then adds fancy rings and a high quality Spanish bull wrap (my favorite) to complete a very traditional cue that will catch eyes wherever it goes.

To add to the overall beauty of this stick, he builds it with a white elforyn butt cap and matching joint.  Combined with the same white elforyn that is generously used in the rings, the effect is stunning.

No matter how you turn this cue, it's difficult to get past the sheer beauty of the figure and highlights in this wood. 

Bob's cues have a strong reputation for their playability, and this one plays great.  It is soft, yet stiff.  When touch is needed, it gives its best, and when you need to crush the ball, it does that as well.

Spanish bull is one of the best wraps available, and I put its quality right there with a very fine elephant ear wrap.  It's a little softer, it feels great in the hand, and wears well over time.

This picture (on the right) is a more true representation of the color of the wrap.  It is black.  (The picture above shows it as having a grayish tint, but that is only due to the flash from the camera.)

He builds this one with a G-10 resin pin in a flat-faced wood-to-wood joint with a 3/8X11 thread.  It has Juma ferrules with medium Precision tips.  (I've been playing for the past year or so with Precision tips, and have really come to appreciate their quality.  They don't mushroom, keep their shape and give me a good feel on the cue ball.)

This stick comes with two 13mm shafts of premium high quality maple and weighs 19.0 ounces.  This is a great chance to get a beautiful cue from Bob at a very reasonable price.